Thursday, September 24, 2009

A different start for the day...

It was a good start for the day today, Got up early, dressed up and headed to the temple,after darshan got some prasadam too :), then headed to kaya toast, the coffee shop, sipped a hot cup of coffee and then from there headed to market, bought some fresh vegges and back home.

With a change like this and a chat with few ppl known or unknown is really refreshing.

So try to do something different everyday, else life will get boring...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Recession Effect - "Ophra Winfrey Show"

I guess by now each and everyone on planet would have felt the recession heat some way or the other. Either job loss/salary cut/cut on vacations blah blah blah...

So when I think, why did this recession happen? I feel,the discipline with respect to money was going hay ware,everyones was on a spending spree...some are making millions without a limit,people were going way beyond reality.affordability of luxuries were more easier, credit seemed a more friendly one than a foe; mortgages,loans,credit debts etc etc .Probably the higher force felt the need to control the wall street guys for this and then henceforth the recession.

Good side of recession is that, it has given us a good introspection of ourselves.

It has made us realize what we need and what we don't.
Its definitely made an impact on shopping wrt groceries , dresses and gadgets.
literally its given the realization to people with respect to life, infact Its has made people being more humble to there demands and desires.

I have become a regular watcher of Ophra Winfrey show since recession.

Especially Ophra Winfrey : Recession Rescue with Suze Orman.

Recession rescue episodes have given a picture of different situation and different crisis people are facing, the different luxuries that they wanted and afforded and the same that's become a life strangler for them now.

Some of Suze's advice to people to escape from strangulation, even though it meant to sell their luxuries that once meant a priceless possession to them.

Knowing or unknowing, I have started to follow many of the rescue plans for survival mentioned on the show.

Even though there no need for me to be so stringent on finances, these survival tips and advices has been awaking, made me realize the need's and don't needs of a daily life.

We know recession is a cycle, its come now and will be gone in a few months, but lets not forget the lessons learnt.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Perseid meteor shower 2009

Sighting outer terrestrial activities has been fun and exciting. Even though it would require scientific equipments in place. for a layman having had a glimpse of some activities of this kind is for sure exciting.

my excitement and craziness to see and experience crazy things is all coz of the influence of my dad. like waiting on a footpath for hours togather to have a glimpse of prime minster or president passing by in his car( even though we were not able to make out which car the president was in, as all cars looked the same due to security reasons). taking us on a chopper and glider ride. dozing off at the planetarium seats and standing in queues to get solar glasses at the planetarium and list goes on.

Similarly, on Aug12th read a news on yahoo about perseid meteriod shower, then googled to check if we would see that at Singapore too and happended to see on yahoo answers, its possible to see from any part of the world.

Finally my hubby got somehow convinced to take me to hendersons bridge, it was surprising to me as he managed to climb around 150 steps up the hill after a heavy dinner around 11 in the night.

but we were not so fortunate enough, as it was fully cloudy and ended up taking snaps of the bridge. but then had a wonderful view of the city at night and a good talk before coming back.

Since we read it will be visible around 2am at Singapore, both of stayed awake till 2am to be still disappointed due to the clouds.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are you the “The Biggest Loser?”

This reality TV show is marvelously amazing and inspiring.

It requires so much of a determination and will power to stop ones carvings for Junk food and start following a disciplined diet and exercise.

This show has inspired me quite a bit, but coming to real life scenario…

How many of us have not tried to lose weight. Consciously or sub-consciously every time we eat, at the back of our mind our weight clock ticks warning us with every bite or spoon of food we feed ourselves with.

With the bite of the ever temping French fries the weight clock says, mind your intake, with every strip of fry that gets into my mouth, my mind says oops +5 calories, +5 calories.

Then suddenly I think. oops, if this is the case then when am I gonna enjoy the food I love eating, when does life allow me to enjoy the favorite food of mine.

Do all of you have the same problem I face?